The Accor Hotel Group (Sydney)


The NRG Company was engaged at multiple hotels across NSW to reduce the demand via the implementation of LED lighting. Whilst maximising on the Ipart Energy Saving Certificates, (ESCs). We installed our unique Radar Sensing Tubes and incorporated them into their existing emergency lighting within the fire stairwells. This approach was the most cost efficient strategy to utilise their existing lighting but converting the old fluorescent fittings to new LED compatible fittings with the added advantage of an imbedded radar sensor.


Other projects included External Canopy and Wall lighting. We purpose built our NRG-HPDL range (High power down lights) to fit precisely in the hole size cut-outs left from the old HID ballasted lamps this enabled a swift change over and more importantly no need for any hole patching or re-painting, saving extra on final costings.


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