Horizon Apartments

The Horizon Apartments (Darlinghurst, Sydney) Savings on electricity $124,300 per year.


The Horizon Project Achieved a 28% Reduction in Power Requirements. The NRG Company was engaged to provide an energy efficiency solution for this iconic Sydney building. After our Initial audit, we devised the most cost efficient technologies & energy management systems to introduce. Whilst maximising on the various Energy Incentive Programs available we achieved some excellent results.


The total Kwh saved in one year alone is over 420,000Khw (420Mwh) This is enough power to run the building for over 4 months.


We have reduced their Co2 Emissions by over 4,000 Metric Tons per Year This is equivalent of removing over 65 cars from the road per year.


Total savings on the electricity is $124,300 per year

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How we did this: LED Lighting retrofit

Our Task here was quite unique as the building recently installed an RF Communicating Emergency Lighting Test System throughout all the common areas.

These new lights were the old fluorescent 1.2m (4ft) tubes, still commonly found today.

As this was a new system the building wanted to keep them. Thus we designed a method to keep the Emergency testing RF technology but convert the 2x36w RF Emergency lighting to LED with individual active motion sensors on each light fitting. Our motion sensing technology only requires 2.5watts when in standby mode. Compare this to the fluorescents tubes of over 93watts and that’s a power reduction of 97%

We also convert the remaining lighting in the building to LED (without sensing technology)

this achieved an average reduction of circuit power requirements by 64%

Power Factor Correction

The Building had no power factor correction units and thus were suffering from penalty charges imposed by their electricity retailer, resulting in higher than normal KVA demand. (Not to mention the increased running cost and reduced performance of multiple pieces of plant equipment within the site). We installed new P.F.C equipment as a priority.

Set point adjustments on Various Plant equipment

Monitoring & continued measuring of the buildings already installed BMS controller

Enabled us to make a few prime adjustments to really capitalise on the required power and hours of operation.

Consulting services

Consulting and evaluation of various chillers to asses which was the most efficient and cost effective new chiller system to install.


A few words from the Horizon’s Facility Manager: “We found The NRG Company to be highly efficient and extremely knowledgeable and guided us through a maze of engineering solutions effortlessly. They wrote a fantastic energy reduction plan & implemented all the stages from design to application. The after sales service is probably the best we have ever experienced”.


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