Where can an Embedded network be established


In any multi tenanted environment such as,


    • Apartment Buildings
    • Retirement Villages
    • Shopping Centres
    • Educational Facilities
    • Housing Estates
    • Industrial and Commercial Complexes and Estates


The NRG Company are specialists in the provision of smart management and efficient energy reduction of network technologies. Our company provides a total service to our customers in implementing an Embedded Network from site evaluation and planning (purchasing energy at a bulk discount and on-selling to tenants) through to network implementation, meter reading, invoicing and credit management for occupiers.


Our Embedded Networks have the ability to generate a revenue stream for the building/owner’s corporation that can be utilised to offset the common area billing or this income, can be used for future maintenance and/or facility renovations.



Significantly reduced Electricity bill's: Both Common property and residential/retail.


By purchasing electricity for the whole building this upgrades your consumer status to "large market consumer" thus entitling you to greater reductions on energy rates.



  • Residents and tenants can be assured they will pay lower than the most competitive rates in the market. With no demanding and overly restrictive lock-in contracts.


  • Residents and tenants deal with an Australian based customer service team that understands their needs and can respond accordingly.


  • As buildings age the ongoing and maintenance costs inevitably rise. With lower fees and a constant flow of funds at your disposal, these new costs can easily be offset.


  • A guaranteed life-time of lower bills/fees can be a valuable tool that potential new owners/investors, tenants and residents recognise as a positive motivator when considering premises.


  • Moving in/out energy management becomes easier for tenants.

Income Generation & Tariff Reduction


  • Income generation

A set amount accumulated by Kwh, can be collected from all tenants/retailers, this can then be paid back to the owner's corporation, strata plan or be used to further offset the common area billing.


  • Tariff review's

We guaranteed the absolute lowest energy rates obtainable. We conduct yearly reviews of the tariffs being applied and compare these with tariffs available in the Australian energy market. This way you can be assured of the best possible prices at all times.

Energy Management


We analyse your consumption data and compare "billing meters" with "billing periods" to quickly identify trends or anomalies. We then review the current energy consumption of your site and determine whether the energy use and costs are reasonable or excessive.


The NRG Company references all these factors together and produces easy-to-read reports which highlight areas of excessive wastage and areas where energy and saving can be reduced. We also include a strategic plan to combat these problematic areas.


Once the energy plans have been implemented it is important to properly monitor and evaluate all measures taken and keep a track of the savings achieved. Measuring and monitoring of the sites services is a continuous service, providing peace-of-mind that your facility is operating at maximum efficiency all day, every day.

Energy Reporting


  • Ongoing common area energy management with usage reporting and evaluation.

Our network reporting covers all aspects regarding the electrical supply including Voltage trends, Power Factor, Harmonic levels, KVAR & KVA. We ensure all compliance levels are maintained at all times. As this is an ongoing service you can be safe in the knowledge that your building will always run at optimal efficiency.

Network Compliance


The NRG Company ensures that the most effective network operation covers both common and private areas within the facility. We design networks that best suit the client and provide full compliance reports to all regulatory governing bodies. We provide pro-active advice and information on all aspects of the embedded networks to all parties. We monitor all aspects of your power quality to ensure compliance within the terms of the local supply authority.


We also submit all the required documentation and register the network to ensure all appropriate licences are obtained, allowing for the on-selling of electricity within the building.

Getting Started


In order to create an embedded network modifications to the main electrical switchboard are required, followed by new regulatory compliant electricity meters that will need installing to replace the existing meters for every tenancy within the building.


Our process


  • Feasibility modelling, including site survey to evaluate the sites potential operation as an embedded network site.
  • From this we will produce a service proposal showing the predicted calculations, expected savings and income generated from the establishment of the network.
  • Conduct a survey of the residents/tenants to ascertain actual numbers of participants.
  • We then go to market and negotiate for the supply of electricity.
  • Confirmation on new tariff rates applicable to all parties involved.
  • The installation process begins (new gate meter and replacement of old tenant electricity meters).



Embedded networks allow Electricity to be purchased in bulk. When bulk buying energy this can be bought for a cheaper price and then on-sold to tenants within a building. In some situations, they may provide an income stream for the Owners Corporation allowing them to better maintain the network and/or utilise the surplus funds for other areas within their building.


Embedded networks are established to aggregate the energy consumed within a complex to a single metered point. Then as normal individual meters measure tenant consumption.

An embedded network can be created within a multi-tenanted environment. Such as,


  • Apartment Buildings
  • Retirement Villages
  • Shopping Centres
  • Educational Facilities
  • Housing Estates
  • Industrial and Commercial Estates and Complexes

The NRG Company will monitor and maintain optimal efficiency within your facility through the use of the metering system, ensuring quality and price of the energy supplied to you. You also receive cheaper electricity and an ongoing management support service.


In most cases the embedded network can generate a revenue stream to be paid to the owner’s corporation.


We also provide an energy reporting service and advise on any recommendations or techniques to further reduce costs.

The on-selling rates will be the lowest available in the market place and not just for the first 12 months, like most energy retailers but for the entire time you choose to stay with us. The NRG Company aims to provide a superior customer service to you as tenants.


Managing your electricity when moving in or out of your apartment is also a lot easier, just a simple email or phone call. Just tell us the day and the time if you wish, and we will take care of everything.


Your consumer rights are covered by the Energy Retail Code, as normal.

There is no obligation to join the network and as such all residents/tenants are free to choose their retailer.


If you do not wish to move to the Embedded Network, you will need to advise your energy provider of the embedded network to be implemented. Your energy provider should then remove the network costs from your account (this is referred to as an ‘Energy Only’ billing arrangement) – as these network costs will then be charged in a separate account from the Embedded Network.


There are some retailers who will not allow for this variation to occur in their billing systems and if this is the case you can contact us and we will can assist you on this issue. If your retailer still refuses to remove these costs, the resident will be in a position to claim these costs back from the supplier each quarter.


If this is also refused even after we have spoken with them, then the resident will need to the Energy Ombudsman directly.

The NRG Company would manage the meter readings, billing, reconciliations, Compliance reporting to regulatory authorities and customer relations and guidance so that the electricity on-selling is conducted professionally.


Payment by tenants for their electricity usage would be made directly to The NRG Company via a wide range of methods.

The NRG company will handle all aspects of the billing and accounting process and provide annual reports.

The NRG Company will send residents a bill each quarter and the common property billing monthly as usual. Each bill you receive will be based on an actual meter reading.

For most customers, your bill from The NRG Company will include:


A charge for the actual electricity you use;


The Service to Property Charge also known as Meter charge or Network charge, as normal.


The NRG Company complies with the Energy Retail Code, which makes provision for disconnection and reconnection of consumers in certain circumstances.


If you choose to remain with your existing energy retailer, the bill you receive from The NRG Company will include network charges only.

Your agreement will start once you have registered with us and entered into the electricity supply agreement contract as usual. The NRG Company will advise you when the embedded network has commenced and supply to your residence has been established. Billing will occur via The NRG Company. 

The NRG Company will manage this entire process. There is nothing for the resident or owner’s committee to do. We will send out notification to everyone once the embedded network is ready to commence.

The NRG Company will continue to manage the ongoing compliance requirements of the embedded network. As this is required by the Australian Energy Regulator.

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