Consulting Services


Up-to-date consultations and implementation (if required) on projects to evaluate real time energy usage, emissions and savings.


Electricity data analysis to assess any power quality issues. We measure and monitor specific building areas or entire sites/buildings.


We measure multiple power issues including Power Factor, Reactive Power (Kvar), Kilo watts (Kw), Voltage transients, Harmonic distortion levels, waveform distortions and frequency variations.


We then produce easy to read reports highlighting any areas of concern and/or calculate real time energy and Co2 reduction and quantify this with a thorough savings analysis.


Network Engineering



Specialising in design and consultancy works on the Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy networks. We understand the design requirements of the NSW Distribution companies and ensure we work with you throughout the design concept and application submission phase.



We can assist in all areas of network connection and design processes.


  • Connections to the supply authority’s network
  • Low Voltage and High Voltage electrical network designs
  • Overhead and Underground networks
  • Asset Relocations
  • Subdivisions
  • Kiosk Substations
  • Chamber Substations
  • Pad mounted substations
  • Street Lighting
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